High drug and domestic violence related anti-social behaviour in Havering

Havering Town Hall.

Havering Town Hall. - Credit: Archant

New figures show the reasons for anti-social behaviour among Havering’s council tenants – with drug, pet and domestic violence issues higher than the national average.

A report reveals the causes for all of the anti-social behaviour in 2013/14.

About 12 per cent of call outs were pet related, almost double the 6.86pc nationally.

Drug issues formed 8.2pc of the problems, compared to the national average of 6.9pc. Domestic violence issues formed 3.9pc - compared to 2.6pc across the whole of England.

The national figures have been provided by Housemark, a data analysis company.

Havering’s figure for noise complaints was 28pc, lower than the national figure of 33pc, while issues of harassment and threats were 11.2pc, way below the national average of 18.8pc.

Other notable reasons for callouts were hate crimes (1.1pc compared to 1.5pc nationally), vandalism (4.1pc compared to 3.8pc), loitering (17.3pc compared to 5.3pc) and garden nuisance (8.5pc compared to 7.3pc).

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The 2014-15 data has yet to be made available by HouseMark, but in that year all of the anti-social behaviour cases were dealt with within 24 hours.

Cllr Damian White, deputy leader and cabinet member for housing, said: “Overall, anti-social behaviour figures for Havering are not particularly high compared to other London based landlords or nationally.

“We are, however, fully committed to tackling ASB and will continue to focus our resources where there is most need to ensure that the lives of residents are improved.”