Havering’s cyclists advised on how to avoid being theft victims

Havering cyclists are being reminded to lock their bikes securely during the festive season.

The police and Transport for London are recommending that cyclists follow their ‘three Rs’: record, register and report.

-Record – Keep a record of the frame number, make and any other marks that can identify your bike if it is stolen.

-Register – There are a number of websites where cyclists can register the details of their bikes and any distinguishing features, but police have selected www.bikeregister.com as the preferred cycle online registration service.

-Report – If a bike is stolen make sure it is reported it to the police. Reporting the theft will enable police to check databases and contact the owner once the bike is recovered.

Supt Stuart Trayler, from the safer transport command, said: “We want Londoners to get on their bikes and enjoy cycling without the fear of theft, which is why we are asking people to follow our cycle theft advice.

“We urge cyclists in London to help protect their bikes by parking at a designated location, securely locking them and ensuring that they are cycle security marked.”

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He added: “Reporting crime to police and keeping information about items registered on property databases up-to-date, assists police in restoring property to their rightful owners.”

Free marking and registration event details can be found at: http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Cycle-marking-events/1400005859885/1400005859885.