Havering Police guess identity of Eastenders murderer – get it wrong

Havering officers posted this

Havering officers posted this - Credit: Archant

They deal with crime every day for a living, but Havering’s police officers couldn’t guess the identity of the Eastenders murderer.


While live tweeting calls made by members of the public yesterday, one of them took a break from reporting real-life crime and posted “officers now en route to #Walford to arrest a female for murder.”

The joke tweet, posted at 8.34pm, referred to the climax of the BBC1 soap’s murder mystery storyline, but the killer turned out to be 11-year-old boy Bobby Beale.


The double episodes raked in 10 million viewers, and fans of the show on Twitter responded in good humour to the joke tweet.

It was the second Eastenders-themed post of the day, after officers removed a drum from the fast lane of the A127 in what they called a “preemptive Eastenders dum-dum moment.”


Meanwhile, in the real world, reported calls over the 12-hour period included a man arrested in Collier Row in relation to a £24,000 theft, three people arrested for possession with intent to supply cannabis, a cash machine skimming device being discovered and someone being arrested on a recall to prison.

On a lighter note, someone dialled 999 accidentally from their pocket and a customer belatedly paid for a delivered takeaway pizza.


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There were no calls quite on the level of the first one they received last time they did a tweetathon, though – when a woman reported her car missing, only to remember it was parked in a different street.