Havering Pc can appeal sacking after three-year disciplinary case

The Pc has won her right to appeal after not working for three years

The Pc has won her right to appeal after not working for three years - Credit: Archant

A Pc has won her right to appeal after being sacked for honesty and integrity reasons – in a saga that has rumbled on for three years.

The 42-year-old Havering officer was sacked without notice on June 4 last year after being suspended with pay for 645 days – stretching back to 2012.

She was found guilty of gross misconduct for failure to follow orders, discreditable conduct and acting without authority, respect and courtesy.

She immediately launched an appeal and was granted a right for appeal on May 7 this year. She was reinstated but remains suspended from duty pending the outcome of the hearing.

Figures obtained by a Freedom of Information request show in the past three years, 786 working days have been lost to officers from Havering who have been suspended.

Along with the Pc, a special constable from the roads and transport team has been suspended for 112 days and is under investigation for discreditable conduct.

The disciplinary action relates to honesty and integrity, authority and courtesy following a stop on March 15 last year. In 2012, a Band E staff member, thought to work in admin, was suspended with pay for 29 days.

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A PCSO is also under investigation for failure to disclose or declare an association in relation to an incident on September 3 last year.

A spokeswoman for the Met said: “Suspension will only be considered in cases where the seriousness of the allegation would make restricted duties or an alternative posting unsuitable.

“It is of note that Havering employs hundreds of police officers and members of police staff. The number of our staff that are suspended accordingly represents a very small percentage of those employees.

“All Metropolitan Police Service employees are expected to behave professionally, ethically and with the utmost integrity at all times.

“Any instance where the conduct of our staff is alleged to have fallen below the standards of behaviour expected is treated extremely seriously by the MPS.”