Havering authorities: ‘Do not let anti-social behaviour cost you your home’

Residents of Havering who live in rented, housing association or council-owned properties could find themselves homeless due to anti-social behaviour of someone in their household.

The police, housing officials, and landlords can seek injunctions, closure of properties, and evictions against any tenant causing trouble.

Sgt Matt Chatters, of Rainham and Wennington Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “If you or any of your household engages in anti-social behaviour, there is a chance of you and your family being evicted.

“Working with local landlords and housing associations is a powerful tool against anti-social behaviour in our total war on crime. The thought that due to the actions of a single household member - be that a teenager or a pensioner - the entire family may lose their home often focuses efforts on stopping disruptive behaviour.”

Cllr Lesley Kelly, cabinet member for housing, said: “Everyone has the right to live in peace in their own home and not have their lives blighted by the minority of people who commit antisocial behaviour.

“Therefore, it’s so important that every tenant knows the risk they run of losing their home if they do behave badly. They will also do well to remember that it takes only one person in an entire household to cause a nuisance which could lead to the whole family being evicted. Everyone needs to play their part in living in a peaceful community.”

Tom Grainger, an anti-social behaviour officer, said: “We take a no-nonsense approach to anti-social behaviour. Each report to us is investigated and the most appropriate action taken. Where possible, we encourage communities to work together to find solutions. We promote mediation services, or when needed, issue anti-social behaviour contracts. As a last resort, legal action is taken to evict people breaking their tenancy agreement.”