Have-a-go hero mum, Denise Marley, foils robber in Upminster

When Denise Marley was asked for help from a man who had been robbed and beaten she did what few others would dare to do – she gave chase and pinned one of the robbers to the ground and held on to him until police arrived!

Now her bravery has won the mum-of-two a reward and commendation from the High Sherriff of Essex.

Denise, 48, from Upminster was presented with a certificate at Chelmsford Crown Court last Wednesday by the High Sheriff of Essex Lady Ruggles-Brise.

Denise said: “I was on top of the world because I was so proud of myself – but I just wish more people were like me and could bring these criminals to justice.”

A Dagenham man has been jailed for two years for robbery.

Denise was driving past Upminster station last September when a man came to her car saying that he had been beaten up and robbed by three men.

And he said that one of them was running away up the road.

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Denise helped the man get into her car and drove one-and-a-half miles before they saw that the robber was trying to enter a house. She jumped out of the car and grabbed the robber, but he managed to wriggle free leaving Denise with his coat in her arms.

Denise then jumped back into the car, following the robber while the victim was on the phone to the police.

She tracked him down to an alleyway in Argyle Gardens, Upminster, where she pushed him to the ground and held him until officers arrived.


Denise said: “I just felt so sorry for the man. You could see that he had been beaten up, but no one was helping him.”

Denise was told that it was because of her bravery that the robber was caught and sentenced.

She will get �100 as part of her award.

Denise said: “At the time I was not scared. It was only afterwards I realised that I could have been hurt.

“I was a bit shaken and I had scratches and bruises on my arms because he fought with me. But if someone was in trouble next week I would do the same thing.”

Denise’s mum Maureen Hethcote, 72 said: “I was very proud of what she did,

“She was very brave and she did it without the slightest thought for herself.”