Woman who 'glued neighbour's door shut' ordered to pay over £600

Gillian on doorbell camera

Gillian Payne, 68, of Batholomew Drive, was found guilty of criminal damage to property valued under £5,000 and sentenced to pay £663 to the victim and court. - Credit: Andrew Casey

A Romford woman has been found guilty of criminal damage after reportedly "gluing her neighbour’s door shut".     

Gillian Payne, 68, of Batholomew Drive, was found guilty of criminal damage to property valued under £5,000 on October 7 at Romford Magistrates’ Court.    

Payne has to pay a total of £663 to the victim and court.    

This includes a £120 fine, £209 compensation, a court surcharge of £34 and £300 to the Crown Prosecution Service.    

It follows an incident on Boxing Day 2020 when Andrew Casey's front door was damaged, he said.    

Andrew, 33, moved to his house in Harold Wood in October 2019, where he lives with his now two-year-old daughter.    

At the time of the incident, Andrew said he was visiting his father in hospital in Leicester.

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The 33-year-old had also just lost his mother to cancer and his child was suffering from fits, which meant he was spending a lot of time in hospitals.    

Speaking of his loss, Andrew said he was “upset, confused and emotionally vulnerable”.

He added: “I was so close to my mum and it was such a painful experience.

"She [Payne] knew my mum had died and it was disgusting of her to do what she did – I am still confused as to why she did it.”   

The single father believes Payne’s “hostile” attitude towards him began when he asked her to stop her dogs barking early in the morning as it was waking his little girl up.    

Andrew's property only has one exit and entrance, which is the front door. 

He said: “Me and my baby were locked out of our property for over an hour waiting for a locksmith.    

“On the video you can hear she is squirting glue. I am glad she has been found guilty, but I worry about her actions because I have a child to look after.”  

Calling the situation “stressful”, Andrew said the incident had made him feel “alone”.    

Andrew said his priorities are caring for his father and toddler, and not having to think about a “troublesome neighbour”.