Harold Hill teen Champion Ganda’s killer jailed for 14 years

17-year-old Champion Ganda.

17-year-old Champion Ganda. - Credit: Archant

A man who knifed a much-loved teenager 11 times in the head, chest, arms and legs within metres of a primary school was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment today.

Amani Lynch, 20, of Vanguard Close, Canning Town, was found guilty of the manslaughter Champion Gand

Amani Lynch, 20, of Vanguard Close, Canning Town, was found guilty of the manslaughter Champion Ganda at the Old Bailey. Picture: Metropolitan Police - Credit: Archant

Amani Lynch, 20, of Canning Town, was jailed for the manslaughter of Harold Hill teenager Champion Ganda, 17, at the Old Bailey.

He had been convicted on March 3.

Champion died in the street, in Forest Gate, on May 9 2013, after a brutal attack involving belts, a hammer and at least one knife.

Champion and a 16-year-old friend, who was also injured, were going to sell cannabis, when they were targeted by Lynch who had spotted them walking down a road.

He was stabbed 11 times in the head, chest, arms and legs, dying where he fell.

Two of the strikes were so powerful they chipped his bones.

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Judge Wendy Joseph QC said the killing was “not far from murder”.

“Some manslaughters are a country mile from murder, some are knocking on the door,” she explained.

Judge Joseph QC also told the court that never before had she seen someone so lacking in remorse.

“In all my years as a barrister and judge, I have never seen anyone conduct himself the way he (Lynch) has.

“He has either laughed or used aggression nothing short of violence in the dock.”

The Old Bailey heard a transcript of a phone call that revealed Lynch had called friends to “pack” the public gallery so as to intimidate other defendants giving evidence.

Champion’s mother Peguy Kato told the court: “I see the boy (Lynch) laughing and joking and looking up towards his family in the public gallery.

“He acts as if he is special and enjoying life which is something my family are not able to do since the loss of Champion.”

Judge Joseph said: “It is clear that Lynch even at that date (aged 16) had committed himself to a life of crime.”

He was on bail for another offence at the time of the killing and had 15 other convictions – seven for drug related matters, and four for violence, public order and possession of a knife.

He is already serving for selling Class A drugs, and the manslaughter sentence will run concurrently.

Det Ch Insp Dave Whellams, from the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This was a brutal, senseless and totally unnecessary attack on a young man on the verge of adulthood.

“The ferocity of that attack meant Champion had little chance of survival. It has devastated his family and it is only good fortune and the skills of NHS staff that prevented a second death that day.

“This incident happened right outside a primary school in broad daylight and terrified those who witnessed it. It was the result of petty gang rivalry and ended with tragic consequences.”