Harold Hill stabbing: Romford man jailed for life for ‘wicked’ murder of father-of-two

Cedric Kyiago was convicted of murdering Liam Harman at The Old Bailey on April 16.

Cedric Kyiago was convicted of murdering Liam Harman at The Old Bailey on April 16. - Credit: Archant

A Romford drug dealer has been jailed for 29 years for the brutal stabbing of a father-of-two.

Liam Harman was stabbed to death. Pic: Met Police.

Liam Harman was stabbed to death. Pic: Met Police. - Credit: Archant

Cedric Kyiago, with addresses in Daventry Road, Romford and Manor Park, Newham, was handed a life sentence on Friday, May 4 at The Old Bailey. He must serve a minimum of 29 years before he can apply for parole.

The drug dealer, who recently turned 22, was found guilty of murdering 28-year-old Liam Harman on July 11, 2017 in Straight Road, Harold Hill.

Liam was stabbed 10 times and the knife had been driven with enough force to break two of his ribs.

Judge Wendy Joseph QC explained that her sentencing took into account Kyiago’s previous convictions dating back to 2011 for burglary, robbery, possession of crack cocaine and heroin and possession of a machete.

“You were released on licence in 2017 and within three months you were heavily involved in the same illegal activity,” she told Kyiago.

“You were operating in the Harold Hill area and your so-called business depended on the misery of addiction.

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“Among the many people addicted was Liam Harman. In the end [Liam] resorted to stealing drugs from drug runners. I have no doubt you became aware of this and were determined to stop him.

“In short, you decided to execute him.”

Judge Joseph referred to the “chilling” message that Liam Harman received on the day of his death from a drug line that was operated by Kyiago.

The message read, “You’re a dead man.”

The young age of Kyiago was taken into account, however Judge Joseph said that he was not an “innocent or naive 21-year-old”.

“This was indeed a murder for gain, a murder of a thoroughly dishonest and wicked nature,” she added.

Judge Joseph explained that the fact that Kyiago refused to answer questions upon his arrest and his refusal during the trial to give any explanation for his actions had severely impacted the family.

In an impact statement read out in court, Liam’s mother, Wendy Jey said: “On July 12 we were given news that would change our lives forever.

“Losing one of the most precious things in my life to violence - I have not been able to return to my job working with victims of serious crimes.

“The image of [Liam’s] lifeless body in the mortuary will haunt me forever. I didn’t get to kiss him, hold him or tell him I loved him - all the things a mother should get to do.”

Liam’s partner, Jodie Edwards’ statement spoke of the distress his death had caused Liam’s sons Alfie, eight, and Vinny, two.

“Losing Liam has ripped my heart out. Not only was he a father, but my best friend,” Jodie said.

“All my children have left are photos which I watch them kiss every night and it breaks my heart.

“I will never be able to forgive the person or people for what they have done.”

Alfie’s hand-written message read: “This has affected me a lot, because me and my brother miss what we used to do with him and going places with him.

“He was the best dad on earth, and I wish I could pull him down.

“I miss him lots and love him lots.”