Harold Hill schoolboy, 11, sees scooter destroyed in Central Park hit-and-run, Rush Green

A Harold Hill schoolboy sold his bike and toys to pay for repairs to his scooter – after a woman deliberately ran it over.

Mark Skinner, 11, was with friends in Central Park, Rush Green, when the woman, driving a black Mercedes, told him to move the scooter as it was in her way.

But before Mark could get to it she reversed over it and sped off, leaving the Mead Primary student to walk half a mile home – and landing his family a �90 bill for its repair.

“I’m gutted somebody could do that to a child,” said Mark’s mum Susan Skinner, of Trowbridge Road. “It could have been him behind the car.

“We had to do a boot sale to get the money together to fix it. He sold his bike and some of his toys, his sister sold some of her toys and I sold some of my possessions. I think that’s a lot to do.”

Ms Skinner, a part-time carer, said her son was overweight and that the scooter – a Christmas present – was supposed to get him out of the house.

“I want him to go out on the scooter with his friends,” she said. “It gets him outside so he can lose some weight and be healthy.”

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A spokesman for Barking and Dagenham Council said the local authority didn’t have funding to place CCTV cameras in parks. A camera costs about �25,000 to install.

“Unfortunately parks are not usually suitable locations for CCTV cameras due to the vast space,” she added.

“In the event of a crime we would as usual urge all residents to call the police and in an emergency to dial 999. The council funds a dedicated Parks Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team who patrol our parks on a seasonal shift pattern that ensures there is a police presence during the busiest hours.”