Good Samartian from Rainham donates cash to robbery victim, 100

A Good Samaritan from Rainham was so moved by the shocking robbery of a disabled 100-year-old woman that he has pledged to repay the money stolen.

Kindly Jamie Leckenby, who owns New Road Food and Wine, in New Road, read about pensioner Emily Fisher’s sickening experience in last week’s Recorder.

The OAP was lifted out of her wheelchair while in disabled toilets at Debenhams, in Market Place, Romford, by four burly attackers - and robbed of �200 intended for food and bills.

Jamie, 32, said: “My nan is 80 and she was pickpocketed in Barking Market, so I feel for this old lady. I wouldn’t like this to happen to my nan.

“It was disgusting; I just thought ‘what is this world coming to?’ when thieves are going after someone who’s 100 years old.

He added: “People just think they can take what they like. I have two kids and I want to show them [that by giving Emily the money] this is what proper community is about.”

Widow Emily, who was left shaken and upset, but unhurt by the attack on Thursday July 28, said: “I was over the moon. He was a perfect stranger but he wanted to help and I’ve never had anyone do anything like that before.

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“It will definitely help with my bills; I feel a lot happier about things now.

“He had worked his way up in business, he wasn’t born into riches, and he came from around our area, so it was really lovely of him.”

Emily had withdrawn cash from Halifax Bank, in Market Place, and believes she and daughter Jan Hollier were watched and then followed into Debenhams by a gang of four men and a woman.

The woman tried to distract the frail pensioner, from Dagenham, by placing a Tube map on her knees, before the four men struck.

All are thought to be eastern European, a police spokesman said.

Jan, who had run to get help from Debenhams security, later accused the guard of inaction and denied by the store.

Anyone with information on the robbery should call new police non-emergency number, 101.