Gidea Park man drove car into people after being rejected by woman leaving Kosho, court told

Michael Fasan from Gidea Park appeared at the Old Bailey on Monday, February 11 after he was charged

Michael Fasan from Gidea Park appeared at the Old Bailey on Monday, February 11 after he was charged with numerous motoring offences including dangerous driving. Photo: PA - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

A man from Gidea Park crashed his car into two people while driving dangerously in Romford, a court heard.

Michael Fasan, of Kidman Close, was charged with attempted murder, driving whilst disqualified and driving dangerously in August last year.

The Old Bailey heard that at about 3am on Sunday, August 19, it was Kosho’s closing time, and people were just leaving the South Street nightclub.

Prosecutor Michelle Nelson QC said: “Slightly later some of them made their way to Chandlers Way.

“It was there, whilst they continued to stand about in groups that a Ford Focus car deliberately drove at and into people.

“Two people were hit by the car, though we say and the evidence suggests that other people may also have been hit.

“What’s clear is that many others were forced to take action, jump back or run out of the way to avoid being hit.”

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Ms Nelson told the court that shortly after Mr Fasan, 29, left Kosho on foot, he approached two women and asked for one of their phone numbers.

The woman refused to give him her number and indicated that she had a boyfriend.

Later that morning, Mr Fasan is said to have come across this woman again, this time with a man.

Ms Nelson said the defendant asked if the man was her boyfriend, to which he responded, “what’s it got to do with you”.

Ms Nelson said: “A verbal altercation between the man and the defendant then took place. The defendant said, ‘This is my ends bruv, this is my territory’.

“There was no violence at that point and the two men were pulled away from each other.

“The defendant then moved back towards [the Ford Focus] and he climbed into the driver’s seat.

“It’s at that point the car began to chase [the man].”

The prosecutor told jurors that the man was hit by the car, along with the woman’s friend who Mr Fasan had met earlier that night.

She was thrown over the bonnet and sustained cuts to her arm and injuries to her back.

Jurors were shown mobile phone footage of a grey, battered Ford Focus driving into groups of people in Chandlers Way.

People can heard be screaming and crying and the person who appears to be filming yells, “he’s dead, he’s dead” and “chill out man” while filming.

Footage of the incident was also captured on council CCTV in Slaney Road and from a camera on a bus that was driving along Western Road at the time of the incident.

“It was sheer good fortune that none was killed,” said Ms Nelson.

“[The crown says] that with the persistent and dangerous way the driver was driving, he intended to kill or cause real serious injury.”

Mr Fasan denies being the driver of the vehicle.

The trial continues.