Four people suspected of identity fraud at Hornchurch driving test centre in less than three years

There have been four cases of people trying to cheat their way through their driving test by getting other people pretend to be them in Hornchurch, in less than three years.

Figures obtained by the Recorder show that since October 2009, there have been four cases of suspected candidate impersonation at the Station Lane test centre.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) said that nationally there were 838 suspected cases of driving test fraud in the last financial year, resulting in 120 cautions and 73 convictions.

A DSA spokesman said: “The driving test is there to make sure that all drivers have the right skills and experience to be safe and responsible.

“Learners who attempt to fraudulently obtain a driving licence put their own lives at risk, as well as those of other road users.

“The DSA takes all allegations of driving test fraud extremely seriously and works with the police to bring offenders to justice.

He added: “Thankfully instances of driving test fraud remain extremely rare when compared to the 1.6m tests conducted every year.”