Footballer’s stolen Rolex found during raids in Havering and Bethnal Green

Stolen goods worth more than half a million pounds - and which included a Rolex watch looted from the home of a former Arsenal player - were found in Romford.

Footballer Laureano ‘Lauren’ Bisan-Etame Mayer flew to London this week to be reunited with a high value watch stolen from him in March 2005.

Detectives from the Tower Hamlets Crime Squad searched addresses in Havering and Bethnal Green.

More than 400 items were recovered, including jewellery, antiques, silverware and Lauren’s Rolex Daytona Watch.

The swag was worth more than �500,000.

Also seized were several air rifles and a pump action 308 Remington rifle.

Experts state that many of the watches recovered, both wrist and pocket, are sought after and highly collectable, and would be identifiable to owners.

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A number of the watches were stolen in armed robberies on jewellers and homes across the southeast of England from 1994 to late 2010.

Now officers want to reunite victims with their property.

Detectives have photographed all the property and set up a Flickr page, called Tower Hamlets - Operation Avitus, in the hope that people will come forward to identify them.

Det Sgt Richard George of the Tower Hamlets crime squad said: “We are delighted to be able to reunite Lauren with his watch. We are utilising every tool available to us to identify as many victims as possible.”

If you believe any of the stolen items could be yours, contact Tower Hamlets Crime Squad on 020 8217 3743; or email to arrange to come in and view the property.

A 73-year-old man was arrested for handling stolen goods on July 6.

He has been bailed to return to an east London police station in December pending further inquiries.

Anyone who believes they may have a claim on the property:

- You will be asked for identification

- Proof of ownership

- Any photographs that are held by you showing the item/Insurance claims

- And you will be required to make a statement