Fly-tip clean up in Upminster road costs £30,000

More rubbish has been dumped at Little Gerpins Lane over the weekend

More rubbish has been dumped at Little Gerpins Lane over the weekend - Credit: Ricky Izod

The cost to taxpayers of removing rubbish dumped at a notorious fly-tip hot spot has reached an estimated £30,000 within a few weeks.

Three fly-tip incidents have blocked Little Gerpins Lane, Upminster, in the past month, and an estimated 100 tonnes of rubbish – some contaminated with asbestos – had to be cleared.

A huge pile of waste, described by a council spokesman as “contaminated waste almost burning at its centre”, was dumped on the countryside lane over the bank holiday weekend.

This came shortly after another tip, composed of seven heaps of wood and grey ashes, was cleared, costing £10,000.

The latest fly-tip – which was being dealt with yesterday (Thurs) – required the council to call in specialist contractors to assess the nature of the waste before it could be disposed of.

It is estimated it will cost the council another £10,000 to clean up.

Earlier this month, a fly-tip containing asbestos was cleared at the same spot, costing £11,000.

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A man, who asked not to be named, estimated around 100 tonnes of rubbish had blocked the road over the past fortnight.

The man, who said he had seen a transit van tipping rubbish on the countryside lane, has contacted the council and passed on the vehicle’s registration number.

“We are paying for this and this is money that could be spent on libraries and schools. This is criminal,” he said.

Cabinet member for the environment Cllr Osman Dervish said: “These are organised criminals who are part of a very sophisticated operation. We are working closely with the police and other agencies to bring these people to justice.”

He added the council will press for “serious punishment from the court” for the person identified as driving the reported van.