EXCLUSIVE: Brentwood stab victim offers �20,000 reward

A STAB victim has put up a �20,000 reward for information which could lead to the conviction of the people who tried to kill him eight months ago.

Chris Davies, who is putting up the lump sum, was stabbed 10 times in the back and side at The Piggeries in Woolmongers Lane, Stondon Massey, Brentwood, on Tuesday February 23.

His two attackers, who he can only remember wearing hooded tops, pounced as he arrived at the yard around 6.30am to open up for work.

Mr Davies, 42, from Billericay, said: “I’m offering up this reward because I am desperate that the people who put me in hospital are found and justice can be done.

“The people who tried to kill me should be in prison paying for what they have done.”

Since officers from the Essex Serious Crime Directorate based in Brentwood launched the attempted murder investigation anniversary stop checks have been conducted and a total of seven arrests made, however those people have been released without charge.

Recalling the night of his attack at the derelict yard Mr Davies said: “One came at me from the front and the other from behind. 90per-cent of the stab wounds were in the back and some in the sides and one in the arm.

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“One of them said: ‘You’re gonna get it now’ and then the other said: ‘Let’s finish him off’. They were the only words they spoke.

“They got in a car and drove off. I was just left to lie there I guess to die but luckily someone found me 15minutes later.

“I was breathing very very carefully trying not to make my heart race.”

He spent the following two weeks in hospital with three days in intensive care. He had one punctured lung and one lung flooded with blood and had to have 95staples to close up his stab wounds.

Groundworker Mr Davies, who is still recovering, was only able to return to “light duties” at work eight weeks ago.

He said: “They’ve been let off for more than eight months now. Hopefully they’ve been bragging to others that they’ve got away with it and hopefully the reward will encourage someone to come forward.

“I want to bring an end to this so I can move on with my life.”

Det Supt Liam Osborne said: “Detective from my team have been working tirelessly on this case to find the people responsible for this violent offence.

“So far we have been unable to bring charges against anyone and I am appealing to the public to given us any information they can which may enable us to give Mr Davies the conclusion he so rightly needs.”

Anyone with information can contact the team at Brentwood on 0300 333 4444 ext 320512.