Drunk Mercedes driver who crashed his car in Harold Hill told police he ‘had a gun in his car’

Romford Magistrates' Court

Romford Magistrates' Court - Credit: Archant

A drunk driver has spoken of his “regret” after he kicked police officers and made threatening remarks.

Daniel McGowan, of Penn Gardens, Collier Row, was arrested on July 22 in Farnham Road, Harold Hill, after neighbours alerted police of a crash.

Romford Magistrates Court heard how the 29-year-old had earlier been doing circles in the car before losing control of the vehicle and ploughing into roadworks at 4.45am.

CCTV later watched by officers saw a man in a pink shirt get out of the driver’s door and attempt to retrieve the car after it became stuck.

Speaking in court, Pc Jasmine Abbey who attended the incident said McGowan was wearing a pink shirt and very drunk when she and Pc Lewis Cooper arrived at the scene.

She told magistrates the defendant had initially said he was there as he happened to be walking in the area and saw his car had crashed despite living in Collier Row.

He later changed his story and said he was in the area after a friend rang him.

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After both Pc Abbey and Pc Cooper refused to believe his version of events, they attempted to arrest him.

This resulted in the Collier Row man kicking Pc Abbey in her stomach and legs and Pc Cooper in the arm, before telling them he had a gun in his car.

McGowan pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of assault and told the court how he “regretted his actions”.

Despite CCTV apparently showing him exiting the driver’s door after the crash, McGowan continued to deny driving the Mercedes.

But when asked who was driving if it wasn’t him, McGowan said he could not say the name of the person who was.

After hearing evidence, Susan Mann, chair of the bench at Romford, said she accepted what she had heard from police and believed McGowan was behind the wheel when the crash happened.

McGowan also pleaded guilty to failing to provide specimen for analysis and a sample for Class A drugs.

He is due to appear at Barkingside Magistrates Court on October 17 for sentencing but was given an interim disqualification from driving yesterday.

The 29-year-old was told he would get at least a 12-month disqualification when he appears back at court.