Cop cleared over death of pensioner in crash

A jury deliberated for more than two days to find Pc Daniel Bowen not guilty

A jury deliberated for more than two days to find Pc Daniel Bowen not guilty - Credit: Met Police

A Metropolitan Police officer has been cleared of causing the death of an elderly pedestrian by careless driving.

Pc Daniel Bowen, of Hornchurch, was behind the wheel of a police minibus which collided with 83-year-old Peter Dawe on July 15, 2020.

It was claimed that the officer might have been doing something with his radio in the lead up to the crash, which took place on a crossing in Ron Leighton Way, East Ham.

Another assertion was that the 29-year-old was turning to speak to colleagues.

Mr Dawe was taken to hospital, where he died days later on August 3, 2020.

Following a week-long trial at Aldersgate House Nightingale Court at the Barbican, Pc Bowen was cleared today - February 25 - of causing death by careless driving.

A jury deliberated for more than two days to find him not guilty.

Pc Bowen did not dispute hitting Mr Dawe during the proceedings, but denied that he was driving carelessly.

Previously, prosecutor Philip McGhee said Pc Bowen had begun his shift at 10am on the day of the crash at Stratford police station.

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In his role as street duties instructor, he was driving with two other instructors and six new police officers in a Mercedes minibus carrier.

At about 10.50am, he accepted a request to deliver a court warning to someone in Canning Town, the court heard.

Mr McGhee said it was not an emergency so there was no need for Bowen to turn on his siren and blue lights.

He stopped at a red light at the junction between High Street North and Ron Leighton Way, where there was a pedestrian crossing.

Mr Dawe started to walk across the road as the lights were about to turn green, jurors heard.

He paused part way along, looking at the traffic that was coming from Ron Leighton Way to his left.

Once the lights turned green, Pc Bowen moved off and rounded the corner into Ron Leighton Way where he hit Mr Dawe.

Mr McGhee said: “Mr Dawe was struck by part of the front of the carrier and fell to the ground.

“The defendant immediately stopped and got out to help Mr Dawe.”

The victim was given first aid before he was taken to hospital.

He had suffered rib and shoulder fractures as well as lung and head injuries.