Cranham Police urge public to use 101 number in non-emergency

Cranham police officers have even been leaving messages in phone boxes - to publice the new 101 non-emergency number in their ward.

The Safer Neighbourhoods Team have also asked local shops and businesses to display info about the number to help raise awareness.

PCSO Julie Wade, pictured, said: “The 101 number has been designed to help communities to keep their neighbourhoods safe by giving them one easy way to contact their local police and to report non-emergency crime and disorder as well as making the police more accessible to their communities.

“It also helps reduce pressure on the 999 system and helps police put their resources where they are needed most.”

She added: “The public should continue to call 999 in an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.”