Collier Row dad killed son - but denies murder

�A young Collier Row father killed his toddler son in the 30 minutes he was left alone with him, the Old Bailey heard on Wednesday.

Little Fletcher Allen was found collapsed after his dad Nathan Allen called partner Danielle Hands to return home.

The 14-month-old had been struck in the abdomen and died from internal bleeding.

Allen, 27, of Erith Crescent, denies murdering Fletcher on January 6 but admits his manslaughter.

Richard Whittam QC, prosecuting, told the jury it must decide Allen’s intention when he struck the child.

Fletcher had been left with Allen in the morning while his mother, then 19, visited her family. Half-an-hour later, Allen sent a frantic text message for her to return.

“Danielle Hands saw Fletcher lying naked on their bed with his eyes closed,” said Mr Whittam.

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Allen then telephoned for an ambulance, telling the operator: “I’ve left my son in the bath and he’s slipped and he’s... I can’t wake him up.”

He had kept up the lies to police, insisting he left the boy for a few moments and then found him lying in the water, the court heard.

The toddler was taken to Queen’s Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford, but was pronounced dead despite resuscitation attempts.

Doctors found multiple bruises on his head, while a post-mortem report recorded the cause of death as internal bleeding and blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

He had a bite mark which matched Allen’s teeth on his right cheek.

Mr Whittam said Fletcher did not drown in the bath. He had been struck so hard that his kidneys had been damaged.

“This defendant admits he assaulted the child and as a result of that assault, the child died,” added Mr Whittam.