Collier Row man jailed for role in gunpoint burglary of elderly couple

Brandon Garrett. Picture: Essex Police

Brandon Garrett. Picture: Essex Police - Credit: Archant

A Collier Row burglar who broke in to an elderly couple’s home in a bid to steal jewellery and cash while an accomplice threatened them at gunpoint has been jailed.

Charlie Stutz. Picture: Essex Police

Charlie Stutz. Picture: Essex Police - Credit: Archant

Basildon Crown Court heard how a Grays husband and wife, who are both in their eighties, were in bed at their Cromwell Road home at around 2.30am on December 4 last year when the attack happened.

They heard a sudden banging downstairs.

When they went to investigate, they were confronted by 19-year-old Brandon Garrett, of Gobions Avenue, Collier Row; Charlie Stutz, 20, of South Ockenden; and Reece Dadson, 18, of no fixed abode.

Stutz, who was armed with a handgun, hit the terrified woman with the weapon before throwing her husband to the ground and repeatedly kicking him.

Reece Dadson. Picture: Essex Police

Reece Dadson. Picture: Essex Police - Credit: Archant

The three men then began searching the property for valuables, during which time the gun went off.

Fortunately neither victim was shot.

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Stutz then went into the kitchen and picked up a household cleaner spray which he threatened to spray in the faces of the terrified couple.

A neighbour, who heard screams, called police and officers quickly arrived at the scene.

One officer grabbed Dadson, who was wearing a ski mask, and despite being slammed into a wall managed to handcuff and arrest him.

Stutz and Garrett had both managed to climb out of an upstairs bedroom window onto the street below where they were confronted by officers who gave chase.

Stutz punched an officer during the struggle.

Despite being assaulted, that officer continued to chase Stutz and Garrett along with colleagues, including armed officers and the police helicopter.

The pair attempted to hide in bushes but were quickly found and arrested.

All three were sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on Friday April 12.

Following the sentencing, Det Sgt Greg Jurkiewicz said: “The elderly victims in this case were subjected to a horrifying ordeal at the hands of these thugs.

“These three thugs thought nothing of threatening the victims at gunpoint and beating both of them in order to steal their valuables.

“Fortunately the couple’s quick thinking neighbours called police and our officers arrived within minutes and were able to arrest all three.

“We welcome the sentence, the length of which reflects the severity and violent nature of this crime.”

Garrett pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and was jailed for nine years nine months.

Stutz, of Darenth Lane, was jailed for nine years nine months after he pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary, assault by beating of an emergency worker and handling stolen goods.

Dadson was jailed for six years after he pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and assault

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