Cocaine mule, caught in Romford hospital, caged

A DRUG mule who swallowed �80,000 of cocaine to smuggle it through two airports was caught after he was forced to go a Romford hospital fearing he was dying.

Daniel Maduabuchi, 48, collapsed in agony the day after he touched down in London, as the drugs passed through his body.

He took himself to Queen’s Hospital in Rom Valley Way, Romford, where he began excreting 121 compressed drug pellets, weighing more than two kilos, and staff called police.

Maduabuchi risked his life but was unharmed as none of the drug leaked into his bloodstream.

The day before the trafficker fell ill he ingested the packages one by one and boarded a flight to London City Airport from the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

He was making the trip at the behest of fellow members of the Nigerian criminal underworld, Inner London Crown Court heard.

Ish Sheikh, prosecuting, said: “Police officers were called to attend Queen’s Hospital on 11 August 2010.

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“The defendant had been admitted to hospital complaining of severe abdominal pains.

“A scan revealed a number of packages inside his intestines. By the time police officers arrived, four packages had been passed by him.

“The defendant remained in hospital for about a week and eventually passed a total of 121 packages over six days.

“They were immediately taken for analysis.”

The substance weighed 2.01kg and contained 1.43kg of cocaine at 100 per cent purity.

Simon Gittins, defending, said Maduabuchi was “desperate” after being forced at gunpoint to carry the drugs to pay back a supposed seven-year-old debt.

He had been asked to carry a large amount of cash for a gang which was confiscated by customs officials and the men believed he owed them, claimed the barrister.

Threats made by the ring had forced his wife to kick him out of the home they shared in Holland, and he moved to London three years ago.

He bears a scar on his forehead he claims was inflicted by the same enemy.

Jailing him for six years, Judge Patricia Lees said: ‘This is an extremely serious offence and it is the duty of the court to pass deterrent sentences.

“You swallowed the packages and though you passed through customs you became ill afterwards.”

Maduabuchi, of agenham, east London, admitted importing cocaine.