Canoodling criminal jailed for flouting bail

A SERIAL criminal who flagrantly broke his bail conditions in full view of court was sent to prison for nine weeks.

Graham McCarthy, 28, of Huntings Farm, Ilford, sat in the public gallery canoodling with his girlfriend Tina Harris as he waited for his case to be heard, despite one of his bail conditions being to stay away from her.

McCarthy was accused of assaulting Miss Harris by beating her during an argument in a park in St Mary’s Lane, Upminster.

Havering Magistrates Court in High Road, Romford heard on Monday (October 18) that the two had argued and he pushed her off her bicycle.

Crown Prosecution Service barrister Elizabeth Ajayi said other people in the park called police who found Miss Harris unwilling to assist them but pursued the case.

She said: “The defendant was sitting in the public gallery beside the victim. The defendant is on bail regardless that they are in love and she doesn’t want to prosecute.”

She also quoted reports from probation and drug rehabilitation officers who said McCarthy had ignored court orders to attend their meetings.

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In his defence Christ Holt said the couple both used drugs and alcohol and were both drunk at the time.

“I believe the defendant has complied with the spirit of the bail conditions. There has been no further accusations of domestic violence between the two of them,” he said.

But the bench was not minded to be lenient.

Chairwoman Anita Copp told McCarthy: “Your offending history and attitude is appalling.

“You display a blatant disregard for court orders, even today in full view of the court.”