Bungling burglars caught on CCTV during Emerson Park break-in

Do you know this man?

Do you know this man? - Credit: Archant

Two bungling burglars broke in to a family home after climbing over a gate – directly under a CCTV camera.

Do you know this man?

Do you know this man? - Credit: Archant

Footage shows the men crouching down as they walk past a window at the side of the house in Berther Road, Emerson Park.

Had they looked up they would have seen a neighbour’s camera pointing straight at them.

Police are now analysing the video and appealing for anyone who recognises the men to come forward.

The owner of the house was out during the burglary on April 19 but was told within minutes by neighbours, who called the police within minutes and shouted at the intruders from the street.

Do you know this man?

Do you know this man? - Credit: Archant

“I can’t thank the neighbours enough,” he said. “The police were alerted by the alarm but they had already called them.

“It makes you feel a lot better to know you have good people around you.”

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The dopey thieves entered via his daughter’s bedroom window, but didn’t manage to steal anything of value.

“I can’t believe these scumbags had the audacity to attempt it once the alarm went off,” said the father. “People were standing at the front of the house shouting. It’s astounding that they got away, but they did.”

The man, who does not wish to be named, said his wife is “incredibly nervous” following the break-in.

He added: “My family is my life, they are the reason I get up in the morning. It makes me incredibly angry when people hurt them. How dare they come into my house – I wish I could get my hands on them.”

His daughter, who shared the video on Facebook, where it has received thousands of views, said: “These people are willing to steal from hardworking families and intrude their family homes, because they can’t be bothered to make a living of their own.

“We can only hope karma will come back round to them all one day, and more importantly the police will catch up with them.”