Boy racers are risking their lives racing on a Rainham industrial estate

Boy racers in Rainham are risking their lives and it’s only a matter of time until someone dies, said a security guard.

Kevin Crumpton, who works for Emprise Security, on the Ferry Lane Industrial Estate, Rainham, said it becomes a scene out of the film Fast and Furious as drivers use it as a racetrack on Saturday nights.

He said it is a “nightmare” as up to 100 people descend on the estate to watch racing and risk their lives and particularly dangerous as the ‘drift’ sliding around the roundabouts.

He said on a typical weekend there can be up to 10 cars racing from Coldharbour Lane to Wincanton and Easter Park, before coming back again from 10pm to 3am.

Kevin, who is responsible for security for several buildings on the estate, said: “Sometimes you get passengers leaning out of the windows throwing diesel around the roundabouts to help them slide around more.

“You can see the cars going around the roundabouts and people are stand on the roundabouts waiting for the cars to come down.

“It’s only a matter of time before there is a serious accident or someone is killed.

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They are using it as a race track and putting people’s lives at risk. He added: “It’s a nightmare and it makes my job more difficult. It is not only dangerous for me; they are risking their lives by doing this.”

A Havering police spokeswoman said: “Police have been made aware of the issue of cars congregating in the Ferry Lane Industrial Estate after business hours.

“The Safer Neighbourhood Team assisted by special constables are working with the Met police Traffic Division and the local authority address the concerns.

“If anyone has information relating to the incidents - or registration numbers of vehicles who are causing a nuisance please call Havering police on 101.”