Bloody brawlers ‘whipped each other with belts’ during terrifying fight at Cosmo restaurant, Romford

Diners cowered in fear during the fight at Cosmo, in the Brewery Shopping Centre, Romford

Diners cowered in fear during the fight at Cosmo, in the Brewery Shopping Centre, Romford - Credit: Archant

Diners were left terrified when a fight broke out between warring tables at a popular restaurant on Thursday night.

Bloodied factions threw punches and “whipped each other with belts”, as families with children looked on, a witness has claimed, following the brawl at Cosmo Asian restaurant, in The Brewery Shopping Centre, Romford.

Adam Hughes, 31, was there with his wife, children, and extended family for his father-in-law’s 80th birthday. He said: “I thought one guy had a scarf wrapped around his face; but it was actually blood. There was blood all over the floor. It was total chaos at one stage.

“Some of them took off their belts and were whipping each other. One of the guys picked up a knife from the table and walked out. It was really scary.”

Another witness, who asked not to be named, said: “I was there with my family, including my ten-year-old sister. I had to cover her eyes; I didn’t want her to see that much blood.”

The 21-year-old added: “The same thing happened at the other Cosmo by the station about three years ago; they obviously haven’t learned.”

But Cosmo manager, James Brion, said it was a first for the restaurant, which often sees scores of waiting customers queuing out its doors.

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“It was an upsetting experience for customers and staff,” he said. “We have handed over the CCTV footage to police and they are dealing with it now.

“The safety of customers and staff is a priority.”

It is believed the ruckus, at around 9pm, was between two or three groups who did not know each other, including a table of men, aged between 19 and 22, and another mixed table of diners, in their mid to late 30s. A lone Brewery security guard and waiting staff battled to eject the troublemakers.

Adam, an electrical contractor from Chigwell, Essex, said: “I feel there should have been more security staff. The [guard] was doing what he could but there was too many of them and they kept coming back into the restaurant to pick up their coats and bags.”

Mr Brion said he would be “talking” to Brewery management about the centre’s security measures.

Havering Police have yet to respond.

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