‘Bad Samaritans’ from Romford and Goodmayes are jailed

Two notorious thugs from Romford and Goodmayes have been jailed for posing as Good Samaritans to rob a defenceless Malaysian student during last summer’s riots.

Ashraf Rossli, 21, had been in Britain for a month when he was knocked to the ground and left a bloodied mess in Barking on August 8.

Moments after, his jaw was smashed and his bicycle stolen.

John Kafunda, 22, of Eastwood Road, Goodmayes, was caught on camera lifting him up and appearing to shepherd him from trouble.

Seconds later Kafunda and Reece Donovan, 22, of Cross Road, Romford, began rifling through Mr Rossli’s rucksack as the victim’s back was to them and robbed him of a PSP games console and 10 games worth �500.

As police hunted the offenders, the footage was posted on YouTube and broadcast on news channels, causing global outrage.

Donovan was sentenced to a total of five years for robbery, violent disorder and burglary offences at Wood Green Crown Court, on Thursday March 15.

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Kafunda was sentenced to three and a half years for robbery and nine months for violent disorder, to run consecutively.

The week before Beau Isagba, 18, was jailed for seven years over the attack of Mr Rossli.

He was convicted of punching Mr Rossli in the face, smashing his jaw, and cycling off with his bicycle.

Earlier that day he had looted shops in Ilford Lane, Ilford.

Mr Rossli, an accountancy student, won universal support and admiration after the attack and a campaign was launched to raise money for him.

He said he was cycling to keep a frightened female friend company when he was attacked on a flyover in Barking.

Moments later Kafunda stepped in, followed by Donovan and they plundered his rucksack.

Mr Rossli now has two metal plates in his jaw.

Kafunda and Donovan denied the charges but two witnesses, who were granted anonymity, told the trial they recognised them.