Asian families in Havering urged to lock up gold as thieves clean up

Asian families in Havering who traditionally keep expensive jewellery in their homes are being targeted by precious metal seeking thieves.

Gold in particular is being stolen by crooks capitalising on the rocketing prices, sometimes swiping tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery in single raids. High-value watches are also being pocketed.

A quarter of last month’s burglaries in the borough saw the theft of Asian gold, Havering Police revealed.

But officers are urging all residents to tighten their home security, after this week saw eight residential burglaries in one night alone.

Det Sup Tony Bennett said: “Although we have not seen a significant rise in the number of burglaries in Havering we have seen a change in the type of property that is being stolen.

“With the rise in the price of gold and the increase in the ability to sell gold, thieves are targeting those who hold high-value items of jewellery in their homes.

Homeowners are being urged to fit alarms where possible and seek advice from local Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

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“Being burgled is distressing at any time and the loss of a sentimental piece of jewellery or watch can only make it worse,” added Mr Bennett.

Havering Police will be working with shops, community groups, and residents in the borough to try and prevent stolen goods being sold on.

If you have information relating to stolen jewellery call Havering Police on: 101.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams across the borough can offer a home security visit - identifying areas of potential vulnerability in your home and providing low cost solutions where appropriate.

Contact your team at: or call: 101