Action groups target Christmas revellers to stamp out violence and sex crime

The Brentwood Night Hawks poster outlining steps for a "reem" night out. Picture: David Hayter

The Brentwood Night Hawks poster outlining steps for a "reem" night out. Picture: David Hayter - Credit: Archant

Revellers will be targeted in a two-pronged attack on violence, sex crime and anti-social behaviour over the Christmas period by Brentwood action teams.

The campaigns will encourage people to stay sober and safe over the festive party-season.

Police officers are urging men to think about the consequences of their actions while the Brentwood Nightlife Action Group (BNAG) will target drinkers who are “preloading” on booze.

The action group are running a “Nighthawk” poster campaign which outlines “steps for a reem night out”.

David Hayter, BNAG committee member, said: “I think Brentwood is one of the safest towns to go and have a night out and we must keep up these high standards.

“We want to say that you can have a good night out but don’t be a total idiot.”

The posters, which will be placed in clubs, pubs and bars, outline that people who are excessively drunk will be refused entry to all venues thanks to the communication between door staff.

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They also tell drinkers to show respect when partying.

“One problem is public urination,” Mr Hayer added. “We’ll never stop it but let’s do it somewhere sensible, not in someone’s doorway.”

Police are handing out leaflets featuring personal safety advice regarding sexual offences, particularly rape.

Dc Emma Jones, an Essex Police sexual offences detective, said: “It’s important to understand what rape is. If a person drinks to the point where they are unable to give consent then that is rape.

“You will be committing a serious sexual offence which carries a hefty custodial sentence and will ruin the rest of your life.”

Officers will also offer advice to partygoers about how to get home safe.

This includes: looking out for your friends by having a “buddy” system, saving cash for a licensed taxi and keeping a watchful eye on your drink.

DCI Scott Cannon, Head of the Sexual Offences Team, said: “We certainly don’t want to stop people from enjoying themselves but we need to ensure they get home safely.

“I want to stress that in no way is a victim ever to blame for sexual assault. However, it is important to take some simple precautions to protect yourself and your friends.”

Victims who do not want to contact the police can speak to advisors at Oakwood Place, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre for Essex, on 01277240620.