Jailed: Dangerous driver from Bethnal Green who killed 54-year-old man in rush-hour crash on A13 at Rainham

A13 car killer Mohammed Ali, 21, from Bethnal Green... caged for five years and seven months. Pictur

A13 car killer Mohammed Ali, 21, from Bethnal Green... caged for five years and seven months. Picture: Met Police - Credit: MPS

A teenager dangerously weaving in and out of heavy traffic at speeds above 100mph during the morning rush-hour on the A13 at Rainham lost control of his BMW and killed another driver.

Mohammed Ali is now behind bars for five years and seven months after admitting causing death by dangerous driving in the incident two years ago and death by driving a vehicle while uninsured.

The 21-year-old from Barnet Grove in Bethnal Green, who was 18 at the time, has been sentenced today after having pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court on July 14.

He killed 54-year-old Kenneth Berry who had stopped on the hard shoulder going eastward on the A13 at Rainham, between Ferry Lane and New Roundabout, on March 20, 2018.

Mr Berry had pulled up in his Vauxhall to clear debris from the windscreen and was just getting out when Ali’s BMW ploughed into him. He died at the scene.

Several motorists witnessing Ali’s erratic driving described him overtake on both sides at speeds estimated at more than 100mph. Police were able to build up a picture of his driving as a result of the witnesses coming forward.

Ali tried to overtake one car but was blocked, witnesses later told investigators, then attempted to overtake on the offside, weaving from the outer lane across two lanes.

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But he lost control and careered onto the hard shoulder where he ploughed into Mr Berry’s stationary Astra.

“Ali’s speed and dangerous manoeuvring that morning led directly to Mr Berry’s death,” Det Insp Jose-Paulo Qureshi said after today’s sentencing.

“This is a busy road and all the people using the A13 that day were put at risk.

“Mr Berry has paid for Ali’s stupidity with his life. Ali will now face the consequences.”

Ali was arrested along with another 18-year-old who was a passenger. He was not insured to drive the BMW. His passenger was later released without action.

Ali has also been banned from driving for four years and nine months, on top of his stretch behind bars.