£4,000 haul of scuba kit from Romford garage


l - Credit: Archant

Thieves stole £4,000 worth of scuba diving equipment from a garage.

Jackie Dale had returned home to Great Gardens Road, Hornchurch, from a diving holiday in the Maldives the day before the theft.

She said: “I don’t know if I was targeted, but the day before I spent a long time just packing the scuba diving equipment into the garage. You couldn’t tell what it was because it was all wrapped up in black bags.”

Jackie’s daughter woke up at 5am and saw the garage door open. Jackie saw footprints in the snow from where the thieves had been walking and dragging the equipment.She added: “It is not going to stop me from doing scuba diving, it’s my hobby, but I have just spent years trying to build up all my equipment and now it is all gone.”