Couple in 60s relive ordeal after Barkingside tree fell on them

A 66-year-old woman has described the moment a large tree fell on her and her husband as they walked in Barkingside.

Pamela Smith and William Smith, also 66, of Hornchurch, both suffered injuries after the tree came down in Sydney Road while they walked on the pavement on Friday. It is believed a strong wind caused the tree to fall on the couple, who were on their way to Barkingside Cemetery to leave flowers at the graves of William’s parents.

Police and paramedics were called to the scene and the couple was taken to Queen’s Hospital, Romford.

Mrs Smith said: “It will take ages to get over it. “My husband is not sleeping, he’s been having terrible nightmares. He said he can’t believe it.

“They were more worried about my husband, he had cancer three years ago.

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“He couldn’t breathe properly and they had a nebuliser on him.

“I’ve got a black eye and scabs on my face.”

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Mr Smith suffered bruising to his back and legs and cuts to his back and he said his vest was covered in blood.

After eating at the Hi-Tide fish and chips restaurant in Barkingside High Street, the couple were on their way to pick up their car from the Fullwell Cross Swimming Pool car park so they could visit the cemetery.

Describing the moment their day was turned on its head as the top of the tree landed on them, Mrs Smith said: “

There was no noise, it came down and trapped us both underneath.

“A woman pulled me out. They had to leave my husband.

“A paramedic said if it had been the trunk, we would be goners.”

Mr Smith said: “It’s shaken me up.

“You’re miles away, walking along and all of a sudden you’re on the ground.”

The fallen tree was photographed by Andrzej Staroscinski, who submitted it to

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