Councillors give thumbs up for Rainham one way system

A COUNCILLOR welcomed the building of a one way system in Rainham arguing that it would provide a much needed boost for local traders.

At the Regulatory services committee meeting on Thursday December 16, Rainham and Wennington Cllr David Durrant (Indepedent Local Residents’ Group) argued that the new road linking Viking Way and Upminster Road South would rectify an on going problem with the shopping centres in the historic village.

He said: “The shopkeepers support the one way system because it will allow for legal one side parking, encouraging passing trade and make the area more pedestrian friendly by removing traffic congestion.

“Residents support the one way system for the same reasons and because it will enhance the conservation area too.”

The road, which is being funded by part of �1.6m that has been given to the Council by Transport For London to improve traffic management in the village, will see Viking Way extended east of the entrance to Tesco and the existing public car park to join up with Upminster Road South east of Rainham Village.

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The proposal will also see the exisiting bus stop next to the Tesco store alterd with the road widened and the central island increased in size.

Currenlty the Rainham Tesco superstore is separate from the Rainham Shopping Centre meaning that traders do not always benefit from the passing trade from the store.

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Cllr Durant said: “When the Rainham Tesco superstore opened it was a mixed blessing for the existing shopping centre.

“Many shops in direct competition closed but other shops could potentially attract customers from Tescos.

“This potential was not achieved because the superstore was built apart from the shopping centre, rather than complementing it

“Good planning at the time would have insisted that a one way system should be a planning condition, before Tescos was build, but this failing can now be rectified.”

The development forms part of the Rainham Compass, a project by Havering Council to regnerate Rainham.

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