Council cannot 'justify' stronger bollards after fifth crash in 18 months

A fifth crash in 18 months has left neighbours exasperated with the situation

A fifth crash in 18 months has left neighbours exasperated with the situation - Credit: Michael Robinson

This week, for the fifth time in 18 months, a car has crashed at the corner of Mawney Road, Collier Row.

The crash happened on Monday (April 12), with residents reporting cars hurtling down the road, although the Met Police confirmed that no one was injured. 

Last month, the Recorder reported a home on the street had been damaged by cars four times in 18 months, leaving the family living there - Tracy Jones, her husband Dean and her children, Harry and Ella - at "breaking point".

Plastic bollards, which were installed in a bid to protect their home, were being criticised as not sturdy enough for the job.

Many residents aren't happy with the plastic bollards installed

Many residents aren't happy with the plastic bollards installed - Credit: Michael Robinson

Further down Mawney Road, the same week that the bollards were installed, a woman suffered a head injury from in a crash

Councillor for Mawneys and cabinet member for health on Havering Council, Cllr Jason Frost, who had been working with the family affected by the crashes, said that there is no agreement over what is "appropriate to improve safety" at the site.

He said: "The particular layout of the road means engineers have at different times agreed to or rejected anything more substantial than the bollards now in place.

"This included barriers, ‘bells’ or concrete posts. From a highways engineering perspective, the issue remains how to balance protection of the Joneses’ residence with the impact of a vehicle being discharged back across the road into the path of oncoming traffic.

"My colleagues and I met an engineer onsite and asked for the installation of bollards as a minimum. This was agreed to, but we were informed by the engineer that these could not be solid for the reasons stated above.

Tracy Jones

The wood fence is where the last car went plunging into the Jones' back garden, with the plastic bollards in front. - Credit: Tracy Jones

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"We challenged this, but were unsuccessful."

Other neighbours are also exasperated with the situation. Resident of 48 years, Michael Robinson, said: "The plastic bollards that have been installed don't even go round the corner and are not ram-proof, we need something done now to get this matter sorted out.

"The traffic is chaos again at this junction and residents can't sleep at night for fear of cars crashing into their property."

Tracy Jones

Tracy Jones whose house has been crashed it four times now shows how wobbly the bollard is - Credit: Tracy Jones

An email seen by the Recorder from a council officer to MP Andrew Rosindell, who has been working with constituents on the problem, said the council couldn't "justify" stronger bollards.

It said: "This section of our network has a speed limit of 30mph with traffic calming along its length, the reason why vehicles have left the carriageway is because they have exceeded the legal speed limit.

"We did consider installing crash barriers but could not justify installation based on the risk of increasing the severity of injury.

"The marker posts are there to highlight the bend and junction, we have said that we will monitor their effectiveness and consider further options if necessary, but at this time no further bollards will be installed."

Speaking previously on the issue on behalf of Havering Council, environment chief Cllr Osman Dervish said: “We will continue to monitor the situation but there is nothing to suggest the crashes were caused by the safety of the road.

“We also appeal to drivers in Havering to observe the rules of the road and to consider other road users, pedestrians and our residents while driving."