Collier Row grandma crochets letterbox topper to 'make community smile'

Kay Wilcock letterbox topper

Kay Wilcock crocheted a postbox topper in Collier Row - Credit: Kay Wilcock

A Collier Row woman has crocheted a letterbox topper to bring community cheer.

Kay Wilcock, 62, came up with the idea after seeing a similar topper in Havering Village, and decided to make her own.

The grandma-of-four had only recently taken up crocheting, and said she completed the piece in a week with her husband and son's encouragement.

Kay told this paper: "It's really made me happy that people like it, as I'm a total beginner, but I'm glad people like it.

"I've seen similar ones on a Facebook group - Random Acts of Crochet Kindness - and it's all about making people happy."

Kay Wilcock topper

Kay's creation has brought smiles to the community - Credit: Kay Wilcock

Attached to the topper in Carter Drive is a note that reads: 'I hope this brings a smile to your face and brightens up your day.'

On Facebook, someone posted a picture of Kay's creation with the caption: "Just seen this fab little piece down Carter Drive, my boys loved it."

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Another user replied: "I love this. Cheering everybody up and making us smile. Thank you, whoever you are."

Kay Wilcock

Kay plans to create more designs to sprinkle around the community. - Credit: Kay Wilcock

Kay plans to create more designs to sprinkle around the community, including flowers, worms and hearts.

"Whenever I make a new one, the grandkids decide they want it for themselves," she laughed.