Collier Row school’s �13,000 playground equipment damaged in arson attack blaze

Youngsters at a school are devastated after their playground equipment worth �13,000 has been completely damaged after an arson attack.

The wooden climbing frame, in the shape of a Viking Ship was destroyed after the blaze on Sunday November 27 at around 10pm at Clockhouse Primary School in Clockhouse Lane, Collier Row.

Headteacher, Mrs Hafise Nazif said: “I am devastated.

“I could cry, we are such a brilliant community and it is terrible that someone could do something like this to us.”

Crews from Hornchurch fire station were called to the incident at around 10pm and when they arrived at the scene, the play equipment was completely alight.

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Firefighters tried to use a water hose to save the children’s climbing frame.

Mrs Nazif was alerted to the blaze when she was called by a member of staff and at first thought that the school could be at risk,

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She said: “My first worry was that the school could go up as well because it is a wooden building.

“It’s a big shock, we teach the children to respect their environment, their property and to respect each other but how can we keep telling them that when someone actually has no respect for something they loved?.”

The playground was created in 2007 with the funds given to the school to help to improve their environment after their amalgamation.

The staff and the students played a part in designing the play equipment and even worked with the architects to bring their plans to life.

Mrs Nazif now says that the school won’t be able to replace the damaged play equipment meaning that the children will be left with nothing to play with during their break times.

Mrs Nazif said: “I feel really upset for the children, they loved the climbing frame.

“Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves because they have taken away the children’s right to play.”

The attack comes just days after the school celebrated after a good Ofsted report.

The school has gone from satisfactory to a good school with outstanding features.

Mrs Nazif said: “This is a time that we should be celebrating but someone has spoilt it for us.”

Anyone with information should call the police on Romford police on 101.

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