Collier Row couple ‘give it some welly’ for charity on their wedding day

The happy couple Marcus and Rebecca Ramtohul with their welly wearing wedding guests

The happy couple Marcus and Rebecca Ramtohul with their welly wearing wedding guests - Credit: James Heffernan

A couple has brought a touch of the countryside into their special day as they walked down the aisle in wellies for charity.

Marcus Ramtohul and Rebecca Hawkins, of Frinton Road, became husband and wife on the same day as Allergy UK’s annual Give it Some Welly campaign at the end of last month.

The Collier Row couple, whose daughter Emily was born with several severe allergies, asked their guests to don the boots more commonly seen on a farm than a dance floor to raise money for the charity.

Mr Ramtohul said: “We jumped at the opportunity to support this great charity and raise awareness for what is an underrated issue.

“It was very hard to get an initial diagnosis [for Emily] and looking after her has made us appreciate just how difficult living with allergies day-to-day can be.”

A donation station was set up at their reception for guests to contribute any spare change in an old wellington boot.

Emily, 2, suffers from life-threatening allergies to egg, dairy, nuts and sesame.

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Mr Ramtohul added: “Her godmother and our maid of honour, Lorina Stockl, also has severe allergies so it was fitting that our wedding happened to fall on the same day as Allergy UK’s fundraiser.”

The day made for some excellent photos with wellies of all colours and patterns being worn by the guests and wedding party.

“We had a quick look at the photos before we went away on our honeymoon,” Mr Ramtohul said.

“Everybody looks fantastic dancing in their wellies.

“We can’t wait to explain to our daughter why daddy is wearing wellies during the first dance.

“Having our family and friends involved was incredible and we look forward to her growing up so she can see the pictures of everyone on our special day, thinking about her and other people with similar conditions.”

The couple raised £150 for the charity in their old wellington boot on their wedding day and it was all given to Allergy UK.