Collier Row boy, Louis Kellegher has operation to save his hearing after community raises £10,000 for his treatment

Louis is recovering from the operation.

Louis is recovering from the operation. - Credit: Archant

A four-year-old boy with a rare hearing condition is recovering at home after the community raised more than £10,000 within a month so that he could undergo urgent treatment.

Laura Kellegher from Riversdale Road, Collier Row hopes that doctors have been able to save most of her son, Louis’s hearing after he underwent the operation to remove a tumour growing behind his ear.

She said: “Doctors say that they have got all the tumour out.

“I am so pleased because it was a five hour operation but the most important thing is that it has been removed because the doctors said that it had spread.”

In March, Laura launched an appeal to raise the funds needed for his treatment to remove the tumour, which had already taken away 70 per cent of his hearing.

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The appeal sparked a number of fundraising events from the community including a danceathon, a sponsored walk and money even came in from a runner in the London Marathon.

The St Patrick’s pupil was diagnosed with cholesteatoma last year, while undergoing surgery for a perforated eardrum.

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A treatment was available on the NHS but there was a risk that he would lose the little hearing that he had left.

Laura said: “When the doctors told me in March that he needed the operation, I was panicking because I knew that there was no way that I could raise that money on my own.

“I am just speechless and overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and support.”

Louis is set to return to school later this week.

He has to undergo another operation in the next nine to 12 months for reconstruction.

Doctors will then be able to determine how much of his hearing they have been able to save.

A number of other events are set to take place for Louis including a disco to raise more money.

Laura said: “Even though he has a three month recovery period after his first operation, he is still a very happy little boy. Thank you everyone once again.”

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