Collier Row baby covered in glass after thug attack

A BABY had a lucky escape after a youth threw a rock at her parent’s car showering her with shards of glass.

Five-month-old Katie Blaze, from Collier Row, could have been blinded or killed, her mum warned, after the missile smashed the back window of the Ford Focus, covering her face and chest with glass.

Distraught mum Amanda made an emergency stop after the rock bounced off the car at 8pm last Friday.

Luckily, her only child suffered just minor scratches.

Police described the roadside attack as “stupid” and “dangerous” after two youths were seen running away from the scene, in Whalebone Lane North, in Dagenham

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Amanda, 30, said: “I was in complete shock and scared for the baby. There was glass in her face and all over her. Luckily, the glass didn’t go into her eye.

“She started crying. If the glass had gone into her eye, she could have gone blind or she could have been killed.”

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Police arrived at the scene and drove Katie and her dad Terry to her home in Chelmsford Avenue.

Amanda, a speech therapy assistant, added: “I am disgusted and angry. These kids just don’t think.

“It’s frustrating. They see it as a bit of fun. They need to understand the consequences of what they are doing.”

Barking and Dagenham Chief Insp Richard Goodwin said: “Throwing stones at moving vehicles is a criminal offence in its own right.

“It is a hugely dangerous and stupid thing to do and could potentially result in loss of life.

“Anyone found to be throwing stones at vehicles, no matter what their age, will be arrested and placed before the courts.”

Readers with information about the incident can call police on (020) 8984 1212.

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