Carers who looked after 98 children in Havering say heartfelt goodbye to fostering

Foster carers Gordon and Brenda Nesbitt, the mayor of Havering, councillor Dilip Patel and John, who

Foster carers Gordon and Brenda Nesbitt, the mayor of Havering, councillor Dilip Patel and John, who used to by fostered by the Nesbitts. Photo: Havering Council - Credit: Archant

After caring for nearly 100 children in the borough, a couple have decided to retire this Christmas.

Brenda, 72, and Gordon Nisbett, 75, decided to become foster carers after Brenda attended a meeting about fostering.

Over the years they have helped prepare a number of children for adoption and they even adopted one young person.

The couple’s last two placements were a brother and sister in March 2003. The siblings stayed with the Nisbetts until they were 18 and ready to live more independently.

Gordon said: “This Christmas will be different - and very quiet.

“Our last foster child stayed with us for 14 years and we would still receive visits and keep in touch with many of the children.”

Brenda and Gordon left Havering for Chelmsford 21 years ago, but wanted to remain loyal to the borough and so they continued to foster and support children from Havering.

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Their son lives next door, and he said his parents will still be busy with their grandchildren.

“It really is a sad time for us. We have loved being foster carers and after 30 years it wasn’t an easy decision for us to make,” said Brenda.

And Gordon added: “We have never asked for much but we hope we have given a good service to Havering.

“We’ll miss having the children but feel the time is right to retire.”

To mark the special occasion, the Nisbetts were invited to have afternoon tea with the Mayor of Havering, councillor Dilip Patel.

He said: “We are so grateful that you have given so much time to our children who needed help. Thirty years is a long time and there are not many people who would have done 30 years.

“I can understand the ups and downs you must have had, but you have made a success of it and we are so grateful for that and we wish you all the best for the future from the mayor’s office.”

Havering’s next fostering event takes place on Thursday, December 6 between 6pm and 7pm at Havering Town Hall in Main Road, Romford.

For more information about fostering visit

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