Harold Hill care home assistant gives residents a royally good laugh

a woman sits on a bench with her dog beside her in a mask of the Queen.

As Mena was unable to get a corgi, she used her daughters' dog as a stand in. - Credit: Mena Fallon

A care home assistant and impersonator of the Queen at a Romford nursing home has been sent a card from Buckingham Palace.  

Philomena Fallon, who is known as Mena, sent Her Majesty a card after the passing of Prince Philip on April 9, making sure to enclose pictures of her standing in as the Queen.  

Queen Mena - as she is known by those she works with at Hillside Nursing Home in Harold Hill - is “thrilled” to have received a card in response.  

The care home assistant of 15 years said: “I sent my card with my sincere condolences and I hoped it would cheer the Queen up a bit.  

“Inside the card I included photos of myself dressed as the Queen when I stand in for her at the special occasions we have at Hillside, as I know she is a busy lady.  

“I was really pleased when I received the card in response as it is something nice to keep and I will always be Queen Mena.” 

a thank you card from Buckingham Palace.

The card sent to Mena from Buckingham Palace. - Credit: Mena Fallon

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Mena's royal appearances at the care home mark special occasions for the residents and celebratory holidays. 

She expects to next dress up for the planned four-day bank holiday weekend on June 2 to 5, 2022.  

“Our golden oldies have all enjoyed it and it has brought a lot of happiness," Mena said. "I go around chatting to them and it makes them feel special.  

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“We had one person who was celebrating their 100th birthday, so I dressed up as the Queen and they really appreciated it. It’s a good memory for them to keep.” 

On one occasion, as Mena was unable to get a corgi, she used her daughters' dog as a stand-in.  

Administrator at Hillside Nursing Home, Linda Omachonu, said: “The residents are pleased that they get to see something different and for them it is very special that the ‘Queen’ gets to visit them and lifts their spirits.  

“Our staff also enjoy it because they feel that someone has come to visit and it brings happiness all around."

a lady dressed as the Queen wearing a mask of the Queen

Mena dresses as the Queen for special occasions at the care home. - Credit: Mena Fallon

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