Calls for lollipop lady to be reinstated outside of Hornchurch school

�A parent who was almost knocked down outside a school is calling for a lollipop lady to be reinstated quickly before a child is killed.

Brenda Leavens says that she has witnessed a number of near misses outside Ardleigh Green Junior School, Squirrels Heath Lane, Hornchurch, since the school has been left without a patrol officer.

She said: “It’s an utter nightmare.Everytime I walk my kids to school I think I am taking my life in my own hands.”

Brenda was waiting to cross the road with her three children when, she says, a driver signalled to her, telling her to cross the road.

But she says that when she got to the middle of the road, the driver suddenly decided to go and had to slam on the brakes, narrowly missing her.

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Brenda believes that the incident could have been avoided with a patrol officer.

She said: “I was really scared, my heart was beating really fast.

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“It is a busy main road and it has always had a lollipop lady and it needs someone there to guide the parents and children across the road.”

The school has been left without a patrol officer since April, when their last lollipop lady retired.

Despite calls to the council, the parents say that their children’s safety has been put at risk.

Parent Lindsay Kirby said: “I feel that I have been banging my head against a brick wall.

“I have heard all the excuses and it has got to the point where I think that they are not going to act until a child is killed.”

Mum Karen Marshall said: “I am angry because it is putting our children’s lives at risk.”

Councillor Barry Tebbutt, cabinet member for street care, said: “We are very sorry that it has taken a long time to find a replacement, but we had to make sure we could find the right candidate. A successful candidate has been chosen and will be starting as soon as all the necessary checks have taken place.”

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