Calls for Facebook to move Hornchurch to right location

An “oversight” on the world’s most popular social networking site which has categorised Hornchurch as outside of Havering, could be changed following calls from residents and the Recorder.

To the frustration of many users, Facebook – which only allows users to enter a set hometown from its own list – states the town is called Hornchurch, Barking & Dagenham.

A group called Hornchurch, London Borough of Havering, England has been set up to draw attention to the issue.

Users of the Recorder’s own Facebook group rushed to tell of their frustrations with the category last week.


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An anonymous photographer known as Havering in Pictures, said: “It’s always been like that. I don’t know why they’ve got it wrong, it’s not like Hornchurch has moved.

“They seem to have got the rest of the borough correct, just poor old Hornchurch.”

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Michaela Denise Munden called the label “disgusting”.

Sue Cook, said: “It does annoy me. Also, they don’t have a separate location for Harold Hill (there is one for Harold Wood).”

But Karen Gibson said: “I live in Elm Park and that doesn’t even exist on Facebook :(.”

On Twitter, Carole Schultz, said: “How on earth can it be in Barking or Dagenham? What rubbish!!”

Paul Grayburn added: “At least Hornchurch is on it. Rainham Essex isn’t, yet Rainham Medway is. I’ve asked them to add it but got ignored!”

The Recorder contacted the website to draw its attention to the Hornchurch issue.

A Facebook spokesman said: “From time to time we are alerted to oversights such as this in our mapping system. We are constantly refining our system to make it more accurate.”

The website plans to make every single hometown available on its listings in future, he added.

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