Romford Civic Society hopes for ‘positive response’ as it looks to lobby for 1930s façade to be restored

The Quadrant arcade Romford which is working with a creative arts programme to regenerate it (photo

The Quadrant was opened in September 1935, with a look and style that Romford Civic Society is hoping will be restored to the arcade - Credit: photo: Arnaud Stephenson

Romford Civic Society is planning to lobby The Quadrant to restore the arcade’s original façade as part of a “broader celebration” of the town’s 1930s history. 

The Quadrant was first opened in the centre of Romford in September 1935. 

It continues to host a range of different shops, and is one of several buildings from the 1930s to remain on South Street.

Now Romford Civic Society is hoping to convince The Quadrant’s owners to work with stores in the arcade to restore some of its 1930s feel. 

Andrew Curtin, chair of the society, said he hopes arrangements to redesign shopfronts and signage in line with the arcade’s original aesthetic could be agreed when the business's leases come up for negotiation. 

Andrew Curtin from the Romford Civic Society

Andrew Curtin, chair of Romford Civic Society - Credit: Archant

Mr Curtin said: “Romford Civic Society is keen to see the restoration of this stylish landmark from 1930s Romford, as part of a broader celebration of the significant history of 1930s Romford, and hope for a positive response from the new owners of the site to our endeavours.” 

The aim, he added, is for The Quadrant to become a “go to” destination in Romford. 

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The Quadrant was approached for comment.