'Gutted’: Harold Wood microbrewery's taproom application rejected

Rashpinder Singh Mahal and Tom Newman at The East Side Brewery, Harold Wood

Rashpinder - on the right - pictured with master brewer Tom Newman - Credit: Rashpinder Singh Mahal

A Harold Wood microbrewery’s application to open an on-site taproom has been rejected, with the owner saying the decision has left regulars “gutted”. 

Rashpinder Singh Mahal, who opened The East Side Brewery last May, previously told this paper he wanted to open the taproom to provide somewhere locals can “sit down and have a chat”

Havering Council, however, has now rejected the application due to a “deficient” level of detail in the submission. 

In the decision notice, it said that with “no clear layout plan, design, materials, seating area and the general operational management of the proposed use”, the taproom could result in issues including “an encroachment onto the communal area”. 

This would, it continues, "be to the detriment of the amenity and living conditions of neighbouring occupiers”. 

New microbrewery opens in Harold Wood

Rash opened The East Side Brewery last May, after it was delayed a year due to the pandemic - Credit: Rashpinder Singh Mahal

Rash said: “I was a bit surprised. It’s not a pub, it’s a brewery, and the taproom is just ancillary.” 

Several of his customers, he added, were “gutted” that the application was refused. 

Rash said he intends on appealing the decision, and will approach his local councillors and MP to raise his concerns. 

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View the application using the reference P0356.22.