Harold Wood microbrewery bids to open new taproom 'to serve community'

Rashpinder Singh Mahal and Tom Newman at The East Side Brewery, Harold Wood

Rash - on the right - pictured with master brewer Tom Newman - Credit: Rashpinder Singh Mahal

The owner of a microbrewery in Harold Wood is hoping to open up an on-site taproom to provide locals somewhere new to meet and grab a drink. 

Rashpinder Singh Mahal, 46, opened The East Side Brewery last May after the pandemic delayed its unveiling by over a year

Having been a keen brewer for some time, Rash told this paper that while being a lawyer is his profession, microbrewing is his "passion”. 

New microbrewery opens in Harold Wood

Rash hopes the tap room would provide customers with somewhere they can sit and have a chat at the microbrewery - Credit: Rashpinder Singh Mahal

Rash has since submitted a change of use application to Havering Council to ask for additional use of the space as a taproom.  

It is stated in the application that the taproom will “serve as an important front of house facility to the microbrewery”. 

Rash said he was inspired to incorporate a taproom after customers told him “we need something permanent where we can sit down and have a chat”. 

New microbrewery opens in Harold Wood

Lawyer Rashpinder Singh Mahal opened The East Side Brewery in Harold Wood last year, after delays due to the pandemic - Credit: Rashpinder Singh Mahal

He added many of the punters who come into the microbrewery are now friends, and over time, a “community built up”. 

After a slow start, Rash said the microbrewery’s name is “spreading really well”, a trend he hopes a taproom would only accelerate. 

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View the application using P0356.22.