Couple's gelateria plans bring dessert parlour to Hornchurch

Couple smile in a photo

Couple Mariyn Atanasov, 39, and Lina Simeonova, 33, opened Flavours at the end of July last year. - Credit: Lina Simeonova

Owners of a dessert parlour in Hornchurch have revealed they rethought an initial gelateria idea due to the UK's short summer. 

Lina Simeonova, 33, and her partner Mariyn Atanasov, 39, opened the doors to Flavours in Elm Park Avenue at the end of July last year.  

Flavours interior

Inside dessert parlour Flavours in Hornchurch. - Credit: Flavours

Following the pandemic, Lina said it was “difficult at the beginning and it’s still difficult but good to see that things are now looking better”. 

The couple, who are both Bulgarian and live in Loughton, decided to look further afield when searching for the right space for their joint business venture.  

They secured the shop in Hornchurch as the space felt “right".  

“We didn’t look only in Hornchurch but found it to be the right place for us as we liked the location and the space of the shop inside,” said Lina.  

Mariyn, who is a also carpenter by trade, fully refurbished the inside of the café to create a “super modern” and “unique” interior.  


Flavours boasts a modern interior with ample seating space. - Credit: London_Food_Scene/Natalie Ambersley

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Inside, Lina said the parlour “offers a different space with great flavours and it’s a place for everyone to come and enjoy”. 

The 33-year-old describes Flavours as a “dessert parlour” which serves “high-quality foods” from “all over the world”.  

Its menu offers gelato, waffles, crepes, cheesecakes, milkshakes and other sweet treats, all made to order by the couple.  

A range of classic drinks such as mocha and hot chocolate can be ordered, as well as an affogato, which is a traditional Italian coffee-based dessert.  

Flavours gelato

The couple are proud to serve artisan gelato. - Credit: Flavours

The original plan for the café was for it to be a gelateria but the duo didn’t feel it would work.  

But the parlour does offer a variety of Italian artisan gelato, which Lina said is the only thing they don’t make from scratch. 


Flavours serves savoury and sweet crepes. - Credit: London_Food_Scene/Natalie Ambersley

Lina said: “We wanted to focus mainly on gelato but we didn’t feel the weather in England would be suitable as the summer isn’t that long, so we couldn’t make only that.  

“Instead, we figured we would offer a mixed menu – something we could offer all year round.”  

A highlight of the menu for Lina is a white chocolate crepe, which can be served with a range of toppings such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries.   

Hot chocolate

A hot chocolate from Flavours in Hornchurch. - Credit: London_Food_Scene/Natalie Ambersley