Businesses gather to discuss opportunities for growth in Collier Row

Paul Sullivan, former contestant on the Apprentice spoke at the Collier Row Business Network Forum m

Paul Sullivan, former contestant on the Apprentice spoke at the Collier Row Business Network Forum meeting on July 22, 2017. - Credit: Archant

A network forum that helps local businesses in Collier Row discover new opportunities and avenues for growth, had another networking session this week.

Business owners and employees gathered in the North Romford Community Centre in Clockhouse Lane on Tuesday, March 2 for the Collier Row Business Network Forum.

The forum is for all business sectors including sole traders and home businesses.

Julie Clay began the initiative last year in March, and is proud of the progress they have already made.

She told the Recorder: “Collier Row can seem to be somewhere you drive through, rather than actually stop to visit.

“But there is a lot of things happening here.”

Collier Row Business Network Forum is hoping to partner with Made Public, the owners of the Retailery in a project to brighten up the streets of Collier Row with street art.

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The Church of the Good Shepherd have provided funds for Made Public to carry out a feasibility study of the area for future projects.

“We asked ourselves, how can we lift up Collier Row, do something a bit different that would put it on the map,” Julie added.

The meeting began with a talk from a Martin Hussey, owner of the Dor-2-Dor Romford franchise.

He spoke about what his company does and how businesses can benefit most from his leaflet services.

David Hodder, managing director of Respondit Web Design, and recently winner of the Business Person of the Year Award, also spoke about his company developed.

Jelly Jade, a children’s entertainer attended the forum’s networking event for her first time.

She said: “Most things have been really relevant.

“I live in Collier Row, so I wanted to come and take part, and also to see this venue which I have never been to before.”

The meeting ended with a tour of the North Romford Community Centre to share what the centre is trying to do in the way of driving engagement in the community.

Collier Row Business Network Forum is supported by Havering Council and the Havering Chamber of Commerce.

Their next meeting will be in May.

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