'South or east of the water?': Pie shop to open in Havering

AJ Goddard of Deptford

Director of AJ Goddard of Deptford, Gary Ryan, will open his first Havering shop in the car park of The Royal Oak pub in Havering-atte-Bower at 8am on January 11. - Credit: AJ Goddard of Deptford

A traditional pie and mash shop is set to open in Havering-atte-Bower tomorrow.  

AJ Goddard of Deptford, which has been serving hungry customers in that area since 1890, is set to open in the car park of The Royal Oak pub at 8am on January 11 in a unit formerly home to Harry’s Seafood.  

Director of the company, Gary Ryan, 46, from Deptford, said it moved because rates have become too expensive in south London

“I have found a new premises over in Margate, which will be our supply centre and we will have units across the UK, with one of the first openings in Havering-atte-Bower.”  

Gary, who is also a training provider with Skills-Link Training, said he is eager to interact with the community in Havering.  

He said he is nervous to open but hopes people will come down to back him in the new location.  

Speaking of his favourite offering on the menu, Gary said it has to be “double pie, double mash and double liquor”; he is quick to explain that liquor is a parsley sauce adored by south Londoners.  

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Distinguishing the difference between south and east end pies, Gary said: “In the south end you don’t have gravy in your pie, it's just mincemeat and pastry.  

“In the north of east London they use what we call browning, so it’s got a bit of gravy in the pie." 

Aware he will be serving many more east-enders, Gary said: “In Havering we’re going to have a slogan where we will ask our customers: 'South or east of the water?’"

AJ Goddard of Deptford

A favourite of Gary's: double pie, double mash and double liquor. - Credit: AJ Goddard of Deptford

Head chef Darryl Perry, who has 30 years' expertise, will oversee quality control and training programmes.  

AJ Goddard of Deptford will mostly sell pies, but Gary said the stall will be open to catering to requests such as fish finger sandwiches or fried oysters.  

Harry’s Seafood will be served from Friday through to Sundays at the stall.  

West Ham women’s footballer Gilly Flaherty is set to take up the head of desserts position with her own menu, which Gary said will include classics such as steamed pudding and custard and spotted dick.  

Gary added: “It’s our tradition and we have been open for over 130 years.  

“I remember as a kid myself being in a pie and mash shop with my family. It’s a working man’s food and I want to keep that tradition alive.”