Burning rubbish thought to be cause of mysterious Havering pong

A fire at the Shanks waste recycling plant in Rainham released 'rancid' smells in a seperate inciden

A fire at the Shanks waste recycling plant in Rainham released 'rancid' smells in a seperate incident in Rainham last month. Picture: James Green. - Credit: Archant

A burning pile of smelly rubbish is thought to be the source of a mystery stench taking over the borough.

Havering Council believe the burning rubbish behind a property in Upminster Road in Hornchurch is the source of the pungent pong.

The “burning smell” has sparked concern on social media, with residents from Hornchurch, Upminster, Rise Park, Harold Wood, Elm Park, Ardleigh Green and Romford claiming that they have had the displeasure of encountering it.

Havering Council has since cleared the burning waste from the site, which has been visited by Police and the London Fire Brigade on a number occasions over the last few weeks, and is now looking for the culprits responsible for it.

Lesley Bennett, 52, of Rise Park, said of the stench: “It smells like someone’s lit a bonfire outside your window.

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“It’s absolutely terrible and I’ve actually woken up to the smell.”

She added: “I like to have my windows open sometimes but I had no choice but to keep them shut – and the smell still remains in your house.”

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As of Monday afternoon there was more than 80 responses, accumulated over six days, to Lesley’s post on social network Street Life.

Regulatory services cabinet member Cllr Osman Dervish said: “This was a worrying case which upset many of our local residents, and I want to thank them for reporting this to us so that we could put an end to this nuisance.”

He added: “I would urge anyone with any further information to come forward so that the culprits can be caught.”

The council is urging anyone with information about anyone that may be involved to report it by calling 017 0843 2563. People are also being asked to note down number plates of vehicles dropping off rubbish.

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